Trial riders in Swansea & Cardiff...

Hey guys,

Apologies if this is not where I’m supposed to post this, it’s been around 10 years since I last properly rode trials.
I’m working in Swansea (UK) next week and was wondering if there are any riders around the area that might fancy a ride one evening, wanting to get back into it, but being 32 and riding out on my own is daunting as I’m nowhere near as fit as I’d like to be.
Would be nice to be around some other riders for moral support!!
Does anyone know how I’d find out of any riders in the area if not on here? I’ve searched Facebook but to no avail!

Cheers! Joe

Hmmm… 32… you are done for.

Chief (52)

Haha I know I know, it isn’t too old but the way my back and knees are I feel much older!!

The only idea I’d throw out is sending STFU London a message, most of them have been in the scene for a while, they may also know about other riders around the UK.

Good thinking buddy, cheers! I’ve got Edd on FB, I’ll send him a message!