trial questions

ok I have a few questions. i have made a few threads about some of them but I want to know more

1.what is a good way to get to where I could get to rubber after a pedal grab? I can jump higher then I need to on flat ground to do it but I can get to rubber if I do one. a grind plate good for trials can I increse(sp) my hopping height
4.what is a good grippy pedal for not that much money much would a round crown frame help with me hitting my knees on my frame
6.I am 125lbs what is a good tire preasure for a creppy crawler? i don’t know what I have had it at since I got it
7.What would be some good stuff to have on the trials course I want to build
8.What is some good stuff to practice inside while it’s raining

ok I think that is all my questions for now but it’s me so I will come up with more

From a pedal grab, you use a swinging motion and a little hop, kinda like an ollie with a skateboard, but being done with your cranks, to get the uni onto the ledge. Or, from the pedal grab, just scoot over to a crank grab, and jump directly up.

Not really. I have one on my trials, but I do grinds so I need it, but the plate hasnt let me slip off from ledges that I am grabbing on, but once you get to the point of grabbing the top or somewhat rounded poles, and rails, it may have you slip off, but practice would help that. A pedal with a grippy under-surface would be better.

Practice. With rolling hops, you can get some good height, but cant always use that in trials, unless your objects have a good run to another object, but that doesnt happen too much. SIF hopping allows you to tuck more for added height, but riding Seat-in is still good, just keep practicing.

Also, mentality is a big issue of it, you can jump higher than you think you can. Go to a parking lot that has a light in it, the one with the light pole stuck into a large cylinder of cement. Hold onto the poll with one hand, and try to crank grab onto the cement ledge. Youll probably make it, but now realise, you didnt really even use your arm on the poll to pull you up. Now try it again knowing you can get that height without using the poll.

Kona Jackshits. Cheap, strong, grippy.

Not too much, but it would a little. Its more preference and getting used to riding, but getting rid of the flat edges would help.

Pump it up to 30. Go off a decent sized drop. Did it hit the rim? now try jumping up something. is it too much pressure to get compression? You want it the lowest pressure to be able to get good compression but not bottom out when doing larger drops. Start at a high PSI, and let a little out until you hit your sweetspot.

I am a 173 pound rider, and I keep my CC strictly at 30.

Everything, pallets, stairs, skinnys, gaps, weird angle jumps and landing, posts, logs, everything is an obstacle.

Same as question 7 kinda, just smaller obstacles that are more technical and need more precise takeoffs and landings. You cant go that big inside, so work on the fine tuning of your trials riding.

Thanks for the help. i ride sif as it is and i can jump up a few feet

2)grind plates tend to let your pedal slip a lot so unless your grinding i wouldn’t because it is more likely to make you not land technical pedal grabs 4) primos for only $22 at udc are good. jim c’s also work well and they have more grip than the primos
5) i have never hit my knees on the frame except when riding with a nimbus frame. they tend to stick out more than the others.
6)I am 150 lbs. and when i rode with a CC i rode with 18-20 psi and except for landing weirdly or off large drops never bottomed out.
8)something basic is to take stuff and pile it up and jump over it.

is gapping the same as hopping in the fast about all I need to do is practice and that its mentally

ok more stuff. can I improve my hopping sif can I improve my gapping sif can I improve my drops sif
4.what is some ways I can improve my balance
5.I still need help getting to rubber after a pedal/crank grab. i keep hiting my tire on the object I am tring to get up strong is the nimbus rounded crown frame heavy is the nimbus frame heavy is the torker dx frame

  1. practice crunching up sif so your but is on the tire and standing up without hopping till you up
    4)practice center pointing which is just balancing on the ground without hopping or rolling
    5)when going to tire the best way to learn is on the crank and it is to just pull up as hard as you can. if you doubt yourself, your probably not going to make it up. once you learn to do that their is a kinda rocking motion you can do from the pedal that is even easier once you learn it.
  2. i am pretty sure it is a good frame but you can’t do foot on the frame tricks with it
  3. the dx frame weights less than a powder coated bedford frame. but it it will break.

thanks. i am going to try thoughs things and i don’t care really about feet on frame tricks because it is my trials uni and with some grip tape I think it will help me out. Also that is shocking about the weight of the dx frame

The nimbus frame, I find to be a lot easier to do foot-on-frame tricks, the way its designed makes it easier for your feet to angle to the tire, making contact to it easier. Trust me on this one. I have it, use it, and let others use it who have done stand-up WW and gliding and some other stuff that needs their feet on the frame.

I am not too sure about number 8 either. My DX frame weighed a lot. My friend phil, bought the bedford hardcore uni. I tooke my frame in one hand, and his in the other, and his way a lot lighter. His whole uni was a lot lighter after being built up. Lucky Phil!

by the way I meant the nimbus rounded crown frame

I also got a question about high jumpin sif.

I have pretty low sadle , is it better for sif jumpin /high jump) to have a little bit higher then i use normaL? :thinking:

  • sorry the english not so good :frowning:

Oh, the rounded one, with grip tape you might be able to get enough grip to stand up on it, but on a trials uni, you probably wont be doing freestyle on it much.

Be better to get a freestyle uni for that.

For SIF, you want your seat a little bit higher. It is kinda prefrence thing, because some people do SIF with a low seat, but most people will have a better time, and not strain as much with a higher seat.

Ok! thanks. gonna test white diffrent hight on the saddle next time i gonna take a new pb :smiley:

thanks. I’m want be doing much freestyle stuff unless that is the only uni I got with me at the time. my seat is high on my trial uni and i am going to make it even more higher

im learning to ride sif but i keep smashing my thighs Any tips?

You’ve gotta stand up high on the pedals (try to stand on the balls of your feet as you take it out), and bow your legs…that way the seat can come out easily…also, it’s easier (to a point) to lower the seat until you get good at it, and then put it back up to where you’re used to.

To Ricky: Come on man, I’m sure you have some brainpower. People are more willing to help if they don’t have to answer questions like this:

If you just thought about it for 10 seconds you could figure out most of these answers…give yourself a bit more credit.

if you mean the seat rubs your thighs, yeah that happens. but how does it smash you thighs?

I unno I got two massive bruises maybe it is just from rubbing… To hop sif do i have to learn to ride sif?

not really. but you should because it soesn’t look as good during a trials line if you put the seat under, roll one revolution and pull the seat out.

I always pinch my hand between the seat and my leg when I land SIF. That hurts!:frowning: