[trial]joe hodges new short vid


one time again, joe ask me to show you his new video :

and one time again, enjoy !


amazing. that is all I can say. That castle drop must not have felt so great but it was worth it.

thats cool :astonished: , and yet again that castle drop must of hurt

That was incredible, he has such a great style, looks like a mix of a Trials Biker and a Trials Unicyclists.

The line at 0:20 was incredible, huge hops on Natural Trials.

Great video,


2:21 - 2:27 was amazing!!!

Joe is a very sick rider :astonished:
Loved the skinie riding and the cool line at 1:32.
At natural he seems to improved allot.
Good work Joe.

Peter M

jesus christ! that drop was like 11 feet :astonished:

nicely done.

Hows the uni after that drop?

He sees lines where others dont…

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

He’s not human.

Some of those hops were rediculusly massive. I especially liked the natural stuff.


I don’t know how he get the second place in Koxx Days… the other guy seems to be very very good!

Someone know why Koxx-One made Brazil T-Shirts? They do not sponsor anyone here! And they changed our flag :o !

The original is: Order and Progress (Ordem e Progresso) , and they Put on the T-Shirt: Koxx and Progress (Koxx e Progresso)…!!!

Back to the topic: Joe you rocks… Your gaps in the naturals were very impressive!


I laugh at your ignorance. Lets see you ride a rail.

Just because something is hard, dosn’t mean its fun to watch.
Just like crankfliping a set over and over.

That sidehop OVER the bar was insane. Thats how highjumps should be done.
Not onto pellets like at fluck.

thats how they are done everywhere else (well NAUCC/UNICON). fluck is just weird lol. though it’s a lot harder to get a higher jump like that. everyone would go down around 4 cm lol.

Edit: maybe even more

Over a bar. FTW.

Insanity!! really nice work joe.

there is one thing i want to see, a video where several of the trials guys are riding together like maybe : joe, fabian, tom and ryan. It would just bring out the best in all of them and make a fantastic video!!

Joe hodges favourite trials unicyclist- FTW!
Kevin Mcmullin favourite street unicyclist- FTW!
What an attempt that was a massive jump!

Theres a koxx-one video with Fabian and Joe riding together, it was pretty awesome. Its on their site.

Ahh, the first JH video I really enjoyed.

I still dont think the trancy/technoish music fits his riding too well. But it works.

I really like the music in Joe Hodges’s videos. But it’s usually more of dab than techno or trance, I believe.