treyflip help

hey im trying to learn these and was wandering if anyone had any advice so like shaun and kelly any tips on doing them? thanks jon A

trey flip is easyer over 2 or 3 sets to learn than on flat because it’s a long tricks

it’s the same as with hickflips… first kick, then spin ; by trying it a couple of time you should land it soon, if you’re confident with hicks.

The doing it down a set first is always preference. It really doesn’t make it any easier but a whole lot scarier. Make sure your hick flips are feeling really nice and smooth, able to roll outta them. (Nothing to a hate more than seeing or doing a trey flip where you hop outta it, that’s not relaly street) While riding seat out in front your going ot have to find your compfortable speed. Usually this is kinda fast at first, you can slow it down later. Ride hunching over your unicycle a bit more than you usually would riding seat out in front. Then kick the crankflip and jump over, attemping to land on, the unicycle. It’s better to fall forward off the unicycle then backwards, just remember that, it hurts less. So it’s a 360 unispin to seat in, but the uni and yourself get a lot mroe air, so the cranks get flip. All balls, just make sure that this is kinda the last thing you want to do in the day, so you have more guts towards it, hey if you get hurt it doesn’t matter, your down for the day. That kinda of attitude will drasticly help your odds of landing this trick. So, 3spin to seat in, much more air, lean over a lot, kind of a fast pedaling speed, jump onto the unicycle, LEAN OVER again (so it doesn’t shout in front!). Land, pedal away. The more you lean over the better the chances are for you to roll away. Hoping out of treys should you didn’t commit enough to it. Oh yeah, please no one learn them staticly, it’s really stupid.

-Shaun Johanneson

ok sweet thanks for the help guys!