Trey Flips!!

hey everyone just wanted to tell everyone I landed treys today. took 45 mins to get one but it was worth it. so ya

later everyone

No fair;)

Thats awesome, did you get any on video?

no i wish. it was at a tcuc practice and i didnt think to bring the camera

what’s a “trey” flip? Oh wait…three? (Duh!:o)

360 unispin with a crankflip

Cool, thanks for clearin’ that up!:smiley: Btw, I would be more than happy to be able to do just one of those two tricks! (Goin’ for my first 180 unispin man-yawna! Gotta start somewhere I guess)

cool stuff i want to get them soon.
In other news, i landed a hick fakieflip yesterday. Yay
oh and can you get it on video i wanna see it

I propose to change the name of the hick fakie flip to the hickey flip!

whats the point of the flip in there? nobody can see it unless its played in super slo mo.

What do you mean whats the point? Whats the point of spinning a unicycle around at all?

Hear Hear!

I didn’t mean I don’t like doing it, I just meant none of it really has a point other than looking cool and being fun to do. I can tell a 360 unispin from a trey flip, they look cool.

jon ur hot, i want ur body, i wanna date you

haha jk man congrats

haha that sounds like something ive already herd today. msn maybe

hmmm maybe…i was saying it for brittany though

Flips are easy to see actually. People just have to film the lower body. To me from a distance though I can tell a varial from a varialflip. Just by how the body moves. So really if you know how both tricks look, you can tell them apart regardless of the wheel being shown. It’s just better that way.

-Shaun Johanneson