travelling with my uni

So im going away with my family in a few weeks time. They say if i can find a way to pack my uni, i can take it. Any suggestions on how i would do this??

Assuming you’re flying

Cheers hung like saddam :smiley:

I’ve used a Rome wheel bag for a 24".


Just take off the pedals, remove the wheel and lower the seat into the frame and twist the seat so that it is in the same orientation to the frame. Checked in as a second bag on international flights.

I have not tried it yet but I hope to fit my 29er in the wheel bag (should work as the bag is designed to carry two 700c road wheels) to take to Ireland in July.

As for padding, I bought a swimming pool noodle (one with a hole running through it) and cut it to fit the length of the forks, slit the pieces (like pipe insulation has a slit) and slip it on the forks. (Hope that makes sense).



I recently flew on Delta in the US with my 26" muni and only had to pay the regular baggage fee. I did it with a home made duffel with carpet padding: cost of materials: $0.00. The posted thread is most helpful. Just be very careful to research your particular airline for baggage measurements and what they define as a “special” item. Special = expensive. To call it anything ending in -cycle will probably cost you dearly, perhaps more than the ride is worth. Have a good trip.