Travelling to NAUCC London -> memphis

So I notice on my route that I will be travelling through cincinati, louisville, and nashville on my way to memphis.

Is there anything two unicyclists and a video camera in a car should know about?

Anyone know any riders in those locations?

I don’t know that Cincinatti has anything to offer, but Louisville and Nashville have a couple of good photo opportunities.

Louisville is home to Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. How cool would it be to get some footage of someone breaking out of the starting gate on a unicycle?

And Nashville is home to the Grand Ol’ Opry, the mecca of country music. You could get pics of yourself riding across the same stage upon which Loretta Lynne threw up.

those ideas will work wonders with my ‘king of the world go any where’ pass. nice visuals though!

No your honour, those pedal grab marks where on the stage when we got here

Those places have security guards. Security guards make minimum wage. Offer them 10 dollars and I imagine they would give you 5 minutes on the race track or on the stage.

Hmmm, my route from London to Memphis is undriveable… except maybe when the Artic Ocean is fully frozen over. I’m going to fly instead.