Transport a uni on a bicycle

I don’t always have the family car at my disposal, so I had to find an alternative form of transportation to get to my muni area. I’ve tried to take the bus, but that’s not ideal because it takes to long and I have to wait for it. I mounted a pole under the seat of my bicycle that is ment for teaching kids to ride bikes. I strap the uni on with two straps and is good to go.

That’s pretty cool!
Does it wobble when you cycle?

Last time I went to see my folks, I took the train and cycled with my Brompton. So on the way back, I had to find a way to bring the 24" back home…

And when I bought my second hand 29", the seller found me a strap and I turned the unicycle into a backpack.

In both cases, I had to remove the pedals to make it practical. So I wouldn’t do that on a regular basis. :smiley:

I suspected I wasn’t the first to do this. :). So far I’ve only taken it for a short test ride, but I hardly noticed the uni - no wobble at all.

I regularly transport my muni to trailheads with my flatbed bike trailer. Bike trailers are great.

I made up a crude rack to hang on my rear baskets out of 3/16ths rod. 10 seconds and no tools to mount. Silly looking but works great.



I think it looks nice and practical.

OMG: we have worked so hard to train the muggles not to ask, “Where’s you other wheel?” And you guys do this? This is going to be a major set back. +++Just kidding+++ I think your inventions are marvelous.

Happy trails.

Sorry for the terrible quality photo, it’s from a few years ago, and the only photo I could find:

That rang a bell…:

Uh oh, the kid fell off somewhere back there! Might’ve gone flying also, based on the blur of those pedals… :slight_smile:

Transport a uni on a bicycle

This is something I put together to transport a Uni on my bike.

Keeping my eye on this thread - Recently got given a road bike, figured I could use it to get to trails quicker (where I can then go MUni) :smiley: These custom-built mounts look great!

Just a little follow up. This setup works perfectly, and I haven’t used the car to get to my trailhead since I started to use the bike. It takes me 25 minutes to get there and 15 minutes to get back home.