Hauling uni by bike: Surf rack review

No actual experience, I do not own or use a trailer. I just thought it looked more practical.

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Hah! @ccola, this is great!

When you were explaining this to me, I was picturing the unicycle hanging off of the rear of the bike. I’m sure that you must have mentioned that it hung off to the side, but I totally missed that point. This is definitely not what I was picturing. But, it looks great.

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Haha yeah that’s more like the trailgator in one of the links @UniMyra shared above.

I like that it takes the weight off the bike, but besides the price point & additional hardware, I’m not a fan of big moving parts on a bike in general.

For those who hasn’t allready seen it. A very good (but slightly more expensive) solution is this half bike/uni made by @jaco_flans for @makym. I can imagine this being less attractive to thieves than a normal bike, when the unicycle is detached.


what a magnificent machine. The question is… can you unicycle with the bike attached!?

Wow that is a great why of taking my kids with the mountainbike where they can’t sit on the back. If only the uni was a bit more straight up.

then it becomes kind of a Hoppley bike. The uni rides backwards. Would be fun to carry someone on the front then as well.

This is the most awesome touring bike ever. I’ve considered building a touring trailer from a unicycle to be able to have a uni with me on a bicycle tour. But this setup is even better!

And +1 for the Gates belt and the Rohloff…

To be honest, I don’t ever see myself ride somewhere by bike to then start unicycling. Especially when you have a bike with so much luggage. You don’t want to park it somewhere and expect your stuff to still be there when you return. I would either go on a mountain biking holiday or a holiday where I’d use my unicycle. I’m not much of a bicyclist myself and only use a bike to pick up my kid from school. Ever since I started unicycling, my mountain bike has just collected dust and occasionally I let my dad ride it, while I unicycle.
I can understand if people want to go on a camping trip by bike and at a camping leave the bike with the tent and go unicycling, but it seems like a lot of hassle.
So I’d say great solutions, but I won’t use them myself.

Most of my holidays are cycle touring holidays and I never had a problem with leaving the packed bike somewhere. Of course I mostly avoid cities. The downside of cycle tours is that I cannot unicycle for several weeks. So I can totally see me using something like this, parking the bike on the camp site and then unicycle to town for a beer or so.

Don’t you live in Switzerland though? Here in the US you can see piles of bikes surrounding homeless encampments and I doubt many were purchased legally. Bike theft is a real problem in urban areas here.

I live in rural Switzerland and mostly travel rural Europe by bike (Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Scotland…) So bike theft isn’t a concern in most of those places, I avoid urban areas anyway.

The solution is of course area dependent. I ride in a relatively bike-friendly city in US (read: not really that good). But what you say is true of just locking a bike up, regardless of a uni.

I beg to differ on mixing 1 wheel and 2 wheels. I mean, to point out the obvious, regular triathlon mixes running, swimming, and biking. Biking and unicycling target different sets of muscles, and as a regular cyclist, I enjoy the 2-wheel/1-wheel biathlon. On my favorite route I average 20mph/30kmph on the bike+uni, then do a 10mi/16km gravel ride on uni.

In short, I bike the fast bits, and muni the fun bits. I’ve been mixing some running into it lately, making it a “2/1/0-wheel triathlon.” Strangely the ankles always give out first, rather than endurance, so I have to be careful there.


Your ankles? Not your knees? Even with my last ride on the 24, my knees felt sore at the end. I did 10-11 km.

Yes, I have a little wagon that I can use for that. I do grocery shopping with it as I much prefer to get places on my own steam. My set up is really easy. I should try to take a picture of it when I get home (or maybe tomorrow as I have to go out tonight)

Today I went for a ride with my unicycle in tow, and then when I arrived I locked up my bike and trailer to the bridge and unicycled.




O.M.G. I have a cannondale kids trailer from years ago that I have used for my uni since I no longer have children. But I still have my surfboard rack from my youth and never thought of this use, It Is Genius. Thank you, I have learned a new use for it, (and they don’t off balance you noticeably)

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Thanks. I think it works. I definitely got a few looks, but I almost always do because I do unusual things, like everyone else on this forum. Not a problem! I really don’t care if people think it is weird. Actually, I’ve come to like it when people think I am doing weird things.

Keep unicycling!

As an engineer it bothers me to see two wheels used to transport something that already has a wheel.
Got a wheel, so use the wheel? I know right? (unless, you just want a bike trailer for other stuff)

Maybe I’ll double click my solidworks and design something for you, when I have a chance. I’m thinking of a quick collapsible frame that supports the unicycle but allows it to roll. Maybe assemble some “off the shelf” carbon fiber tubing and quick clamps.

However, I think the backpack approach might be best. I was going to board a ferry once with my unicycle. Yeah, I have to pay $$ and throw it storage with the other bicycles!!! To avoid this, I was looking for a storage bag. There’s a variety of sizes of bags and cases when it comes to musical instruments.

Specifically cymbals which are made in different sizes(typically 14-20, but as large as 30") with shoulder straps. I found some nice ones for my 24" muni, but I have to remove the cranks. Works great. (Engr: rule #1, don’t make what you can already buy.)
So, check out some instrument bags. Good luck.


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My friend, I am an electrical engineer and I don’t agree with you, but that is ok. I mostly use my trailer for shopping trips which involve more than I can carry in my paniers. My point to carrying the unicycle on the trailer is that I can take it easy getting my unicycle to a place that I’d like to spend time and energy on some difficult bits rather than use up my energy riding my unicycle there.