training started and ended in 30 seconds...

So outta practice since sept, i jump on my coker with low pressure in tires.

Because I’m by a wall, i fall towards the wall and now me foot is like HUGE where it’s sprained. There was no where to land skip away :frowning:

Hardly walk and it should be a week till i can ride again, and on tues i’m off to london. GG

anyone know besrwat to heal this thing as i can’t walk on it atm.

I’d suggest go to a doctor if you can’t walk. Ehh, no pun intended.

There might be something that needs proffessional treatment, plus he’ll be able to give the best advice.

Also, try not to use it at all. Give it a complete rest. Rent a wheelchair or something.

Edit: Sorry to hear about it, btw.

well it’s not broken or anything or the pain wouldn’t go if I just stand on it.

The bruze has just come through and it’s HUGE, like a big purple ring across the top side of my foot.

you should go and visit the doc to make sure its not a torn ligament

RICE - rest, ice, compression, elevation

sounds similar to a kiteboarding injury i got last year. my whole foot went purple! yeh go see doc, and rest of the time RICE. cant go wrong

I falled off my Coker, had a big bruise (hurting like mad), still walked
went to the G.P. doctor 3 days after , he said “ho a big bruise … no problem”.
Then I continued walking for two weeks … until I ended up in the emergency ward with phlebitis and a broken Achille’s tendon (yes you can walk with a broken Achille’s tendon! I am a living proof of it).
So: beware a bad bruises that last for long … (but could be just a big bruise :o )
(another big bruise was just a broken toe :frowning: … but don’t be alarmed: I am unlucky!)

my foot went right and my ankle went left.

if you move your foot vertical as if you standing on you standing on your heals.

The lump of muscle below the ankle joint on the outside edge is all swollen.

I sprained my ankle pretty good back when I was on my college cross country team. They had me soak my ankle in an ice cold tub for 20 minutes while using my toes to draw out the alphabet. It seemed to help regain my range of motion quicker. RICE is the thing to do…


well overnight i can walk on it a little now and wiggle me toes without much pain, so it’s all good :slight_smile:

another days rest and i should be ok.



That is what every doctor ive seen has told me at least 5 times…:smiley:

take a anti-inflamatory
ice 4x a day

well over a week and I went back to the doctors. I could have possibly sprained every tendon in my foot.

I’m going in for a x-ray just in case I have fractured my ankle.

Never normally had trouble with sprained muscles. After the pain goes you can start stretching and breaking down the bruising. But atm i got a constant ache in the ankle.