Training my noob brother - muni!

I’ve been training my little brother on the local bike trails. We went for a couple of rides at the weekend and I put together this little video. Watch in 1080p!



that was a really amusing muni video! nice work

Really good work.

I loved the “thank you helmet” at the end there :stuck_out_tongue:

that was filmed pretty nicely … i dont know how you did it, but it looked smooth. Did you use a go pro there?
And your brother definetely is no noob^^

It looks like your training is working! Awesome riding! The filming was really good too, smooth and interesting, it made the muni look really fast!

I think this was best MUni vid I have seen ever!:stuck_out_tongue:

yeah! that was nice, skills :slight_smile: everything looks like so much more fun on a 26"…

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:
Frshjoscha: Nope not got a Gopro, I’d love one though. It was all filmed on my Samsung HMX20C and the rolling shots were using my ghetto steadycam.

Doamono: We’re riding 24"s :stuck_out_tongue:

I seriously thought they were 26"s as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved the video though, it looks like you’ve found a really fun area to ride!

oh wow…could of sworn they were 26ers! still looks like a lot of fun. and would be even better on 26ers :stuck_out_tongue:

Great video guys!

It looks like a fun place to ride…As long as you wear helmets! :stuck_out_tongue: