trails wheel set and bc wheel

the wheel came of a nimbus trials uni but i have changed the cranks and pedals. used allot and has various scratches and is missing 2 spokes. ideal for a beginner or budget trails i think £30 is fair price.

bc wheel i just want to get rid of it buy the wheel or the plates or both i don’t really mind. barley used open to offers as i don’t really know haw much people will pay for it.

i live by okehampton in devon if you want to pick up it up but i am willing to post it if you pay the postage.


I’m quite interested in the BC wheel, have you got any pictures you could upload?

yeah i will put them on tomorrow

yeah i will put them on tomorrow

its not pumped up so thats why it looks a little odd

Is this the same as the one you can buy from UDC or did you just buy the plates and chuck them on a wheel you had lying around?

yeah its just a stock bmx wheel