Trails in San Luis Obispo County

I am heading up to Morro Bay this week end and am bringing the Muni. Wondered if anyone here know any good trails for a not great rider. I like stuff fairly technical but not ridiculous!! Appreciate any help.

I’m curious as well. I make it over to that area occassionally, and have done some mountain biking in steep terrain up on Cuesta Ridge not too far from there. Hopefully someone out there can chime in about MUNI-friendly trails…

Here’s a two links that might help:


I’ve never ridden up there, but Geoladders has 6 trails listed:

The nice thing about Geoladders is that it has detailed descriptions of the trail - including type (loop, out & back, etc), map, elevation, difficulty and length for each trail, plus reviews and often a photo tour. It’s the best SoCal site I’ve found for mountain bike trail discovery.

Check it out for the OC too…there’s 100 trails listed:

I checked out geoladders earlier and that Rock Garden trail sounds fun. I’ll do that for sure. I remember doing some hiking on Madonna Mtn that was fun so will check that out too.

Let us know how it goes.


Aaron, Those links were a good tip, I printed maps of all those routes and will be exploring this week end!