Trailer: Inner Balance

I dont think i broke anything on that trip…

well, i guess you’ll just have to wait and see :wink:

Did you ride your Unicycle more than push it around like when we go outside? Hah.

No not really…I just went to see Owen ride anyways. I did do some riding just not for the movie.

Hey! :angry:

well he repaired owen’s unicycle :wink:


Will you have any package deals with TWNR + IB? I’d be interested…

In the trailer there’s parkour and trials back-to-back… anyone else see some possibilities… uni-parkour?

Looks like another platinum seller, Brian. Those shots of Adam (JustOneWheel) riding thru traffic were great.

inner balance was also the name of one vid of the video contest at unicon 13…
is there a relation between this one and the unicon one?

I will certainly be providing extra value meals with TWNR or NAUCC2006 or all 3

That was what I submitted to UNICON from very early footage I had from this movie :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve, the full clip of Adam’s antics is INSANE!

It stopped playing after about 30 seconds in Media Player Classic with the K-Lite Codec Pack installed…usually that can play anything for me. In WinAmp it cut out after about 10 seconds. What I saw was great though!


WOW! Great variety!


I’m looking forward to seeing a movie with a variety of different riding styles. And from what I can see there are a few unique riding styles as well!

That GlideCam is an amazing tool! When used properly it allows for smooth flawless video.
Most of the high speed NYC shots (many of which haven’t been seen yet) along with many others would not be possible without it.

With A GlideCam, A Schlumpf and a Mackenzie your guaranteed to get a top notch movie.

I can’t wait to see what other surprises you’ve got up your sleeve!


This looks like something that needs a world premiere at the Moab MUniFest.

Whoa! This looks like it turned out awesome!

That would be about right, kind of a pitty for me as I have changed millions since this old footage was shot seeing as I was still learning to ride back in those days.
I have a new uni, much longer hair and a different style of riding in general now that I’m getting the hang of unicycling.

My fav shot out of the trailer is the night vision! So wicked!

I loved the trailer.

I’ll definetely get the DVD when I have an opportunity.

It would be great to hear a commentary track on the DVD, where you could talk about whats going on in and behind each scene.

I like the variety of styles and settings. Good camera work. Releases in theatres everywhere thru Universal Pictures? :slight_smile: