Trailer: Inner Balance

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I have a trailer for you guys to look at. The movie will be out in March.

It will only be on DVD for a while, the HD special edition version will be out later

that looks really good, can’t wait. I like the all the parts of the coker in the city. Is there a particular riding style that sticks out in this movie? I’m definitely going to buy it.

the trailer is sort messed on my computer. but from what I see it looks like a great movie. hopfully I can buy it when it comes out.

Thanks, glad to hear it :slight_smile:

I tried to give all the riding I have equal attention, but it is definitely heavy on high speed city riding, freestyle, and muni. Gilby has a HUGE part on his two wheeler…I wonder why didn’t I put that in the trailer?

there are parkour (free-running) and juggling sections in there as well.

how so? maybe i can remedy that

Nice I liked the switch between different styles in the trailer it certainly looks like it will be worth watching when it comes out, hope the UK audience will be able to view it.

Those are some of my favourite blokes, of course you will be able to :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure its just my computer. its like the movie screen has been cut into 3 vertical strips and then the one on the right gets bumped to the far left :roll_eyes: oh well, time for a new computer:)

That high speed riding looks fun.

yeah, we’ll call that your computer

the DVD won’t do that :slight_smile:

And I didn’t even want to give it all away in the trailer, the high speed stuff will boggle the mind :slight_smile:

The 36" weaving through the city looks awesome and so does that last bit of night MUni; if it’s not a spoiler, how did you film it at that perspective? It’s a really smooth shot.

HA Cool…I saw some of those parts before they were a movie:D…cant wait to see the whole thing Brian. I dont wanna be a year late again.

You better buy it when it comes out so I can watch it at your place because I’m a cheap ass.

Looks really good Brian. I look forward to sending you money.

Ok i can deal with that.

I’m riding my schlumpf and wearing my Glidecam :slight_smile: the muni scene i am just running, not riding

you’re even standing in the background in one shot in the movie :slight_smile: you’re famous

YAY…Is my uni in it at all? I know Owen used it a bit.

Did he brake the camera in that scene? Haha!