trail report, Poway, CA

At 8:30 this morning, I met up with Erik (Mango) Doane to muni Woodson Trail, in Poway, San Diego County. Erik played the role of my personal sherpa since it was my first time on this trail, and I wasn’t exactly prepared for the 1.5 hour hike in 80 degree heat. He diffused my complaints tactfully, and shut me up decisively when the peak finally appeared behind the brush… A mystifying view that sank between rocks of unearthly vectors. See photos below.

The descent began with narrow trenches followed by the fastest switchbacks I’ve ever seen. They would fold back on themselves every 6 feet at times. Then came the big boulders, natural trials, and a steep that Mango’s new KH could only slide down. We rode it out with some woopdeedoos, and a final “prove-your-manhood” fireroad ascent to the cars. Not the most treacherous ride out there, but definitely a fitness butt-kicker with fantastic views, and some serious, discrete challenges to offer.

Thanks to Mango for being a most excellent tour guide, and inspiring the masses with his unicyclic grace.

Eyal contemplating death:

Mango licking his chops:

Eyal scoping his landing:

Mango preparing to slide:

Mango stuck inside the wheel:

Wow that looks like soo much fun! I really want to do some muni now.

Your evil Erik. You never told me you were going.

That is such a fun trail too.

Hard to believe Mango finally junked that chrome rig he was riding all of these years. Scary to think what he might do on a good Muni. Guess we’ll find out.