TRADING POST ANNUAL GARAGE SALE? A great way to promote Trading post

Just a though, what if we would take say the month of February and ask our forum contributors to all go through the unicycle stuff we have stashed away and sell some unwanted parts or unicycles on the trading post. It seems Trading post should be busier than it is especially with 2 year of shortages from our regular suppliers, this can promote the feature, clear out some clutter and put unicycles and parts back into action. I say February because it is before the spring riding season. The shortages from regular suppliers is going to keep a lot of interested new riders from even starting to learn. lets keep this thing alive.

Don’t be a hoarder, be a supporter.


I like the idea of an online garage sale and I think an enormous amount of people just keep things for decades “just in case” when it could benefit other people right away (not talking specifically about unicycles though).
I myself have a KH 24" that I haven’t used for years. Still, hard to leave it… :pensive:


I sold a KH24 a week ago to a local gal who was keen (she had posted a “wanted to buy” ad on our local selling platform). I really loved that uni. It was great for learning hopping (ok, I could hop on a trials uni but that’s not practical for riding everywhere), going down stairs… I was so proud the first time I hopped in front of random people at a mountain bike park with that uni… I bought it second hand myself but when I was encouraged to try riding local single track on my 27.5 a little while back during lockdown and found it worked really well then from that experience I thought… my 24" muni is kinda redundant!
Anyway, now my second* muni is a Nimbus 29er!!

Btw, if you are selling Munis second hand right now - there is high demand.

*I wrote second to mean it replaces my 24" muni. But technically, its my third but I sold the KH24 before buying this. Other uni is the URC 27.5. There isn’t a huge size difference between 27.5 and 29" but the 27.5 is lower to the ground.


February is late Summer in my part of the world :wink:


It’s easy to put things in your own perspective based on where we live. For that I apologize. I just was throwing that month out as a suggestion .

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Any time frame suggestions? Maybe that would be a better question if more forum members show an interest.

Maybe making it an event would jumpstart trading post sales

All good. :slight_smile: and to be fair, my winter is like summer for some other people, temperature wise…

We’d often find English tourists sunbaking in the middle of our winter in our city public parks!!

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I tend to think its in the sellers interest to NOT all sell at once… too much supply of a product drives down prices. Turns into a buyers market.

But, it’s certainly not a bad idea to encourage people to sell stuff they are not using.

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Point well taken. But You never know there could be a few bidding wars that could make it quite interesting for the sellers.

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I like the idea of a forum garage sale! What would be cool is to make it kind of a forum benefit sale.

What ever price is agreed upon for a item would be directly donated by the buyer minus shipping costs or a percentage of the item at least. I have a few parts i’d be willing to let go if you make it happen


I like the idea, but I don’t know how well it would work on the forum compared to a sale-table at a unicycle event, mostly due to the worldwide nature of the forum.

Unicyclist mail (using other unicyclists to transport things) to events can work country-country to keep shipping costs down and make the sale of some smaller parts more worth it, but that’s not as easy as it used to be with events being delayed and cancelled and travel restrictions all over the world.