TRADE (USA) KH 150 for larger

Hey, i bought a 26" nimbus uni with the 150mm KH moments, and i have found i need more torque. The season is coming for more and more outings, so if anyone will trade me for larger cranks, that would be great. The longer the cranks that you have, the better.

Here is some information about what you would get:

KH 150mm Moment cranks
THe unicycle was bought in May of this year (2010) and, as I said, the cranks came with it. I haven’t done too much on it since is has been way to hot where I live (phoenix, arizona) so they have very little wear and tear. I’ll post a picture of them soon, but they are still on the unicycle since i don’t have a crank puller, but i’ll get one if someone wants to make the trade. THanks

Also, I’ve never used the trading post before, sorry if something was done wrong

Here are the pictures:

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Here are those images…

Interested in 170s?

I have a pair of ISIS QuAx Cro-mo 170mm cranks in good shape. has the 125mm version here:

Would you be interested in trading for these?

Qu-Ax 170s.jpg

Yes, I’d love to, i’ll pick up a crank puller tomorrow and get it set. Sorry for the noob question, but to my understanding, we just exchange shipping info and send them out? Thanks

That sounds good to me. We can work the details out over PM.