TRADE Surly Conundrum and Specialized Fatty

I have a used 24" Black Surly Conundrum frame with a welded-on disc brake tab and a brand new, never opened, never installed 24" Specialized fat tire (Ground Control 24x4") that I would like to trade for a 26" Surly Conundrum in good, functioning condition, any color.

Just had emergency back surgery. No more muni for at least a year, possibly more, depending on how PT goes. But when I’m cleared for long distance road cycling, I am also cleared for easy road unicycling and possibly gravel roads, so long as I keep my UPDs to a minimum (hence the reason I’m also looking for super long cranks). So to stick with my love for Surlys, I’m hoping to build up a 26x3" road/gravel grinding uni (RH rim and ET tire, tubeless). We’ve got plenty of that riding out here!

If this trade works out, I also have a 36H 24" Large Marge rim that I’d like to trade for a 26" 36H Surly Rabbit Hole. But I was also thinking of a strong carbon rim for funsies, so I may or may not carry out that trade…will probably end up selling the rim then. I’ll also very likely have a pair of used 26" Surly Dirt Wizards for sale in February or March from my bike, seeing as I can’t mtb any time soon either. Stay tuned for a cheap price if you’re looking.

Any takers, fellow Surly owners?

And to end this post with something nasty, here’s a pic of my giant ruptured disc on the left (circled part) and a picture of the 3cm chunk they pulled off my nerves last week (looks like a chicken fetus/shrimp/alien):



P.S. I’m sorry if you just puked in your mouth a little.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!


Update: never mind on the rabbit hole rim. I forgot I still have an old 26" Dartmoor rim that would work with the ET tire. So I’ll likely just sell the 24" Large Marge.