Trade or Sell: 29inch Kris Holm - Good Condition

Straight to the point.

I have a 29inch Kris Holm mountain unicycle (KH29XC)…
(Pictures and details will be provided if you request it)


Trade for a trails uni, preferably holms, but I’m open. I really dont care about the price difference.


Sell it. Lets say around 500 dolllars, or give me an offer.


Phone: 204-334-1578 (Ask for Mike)

I might check back here now and again if you are for some reason apposed to those other methods?!

My timezone is (GMT -06:00) Central Time
Do not phone me in the middle of the night, ha


i’d like to know how much for postage to the UK, and also could i get the pictures? i mean if u want to pm them directly or email then my email is


I am half interested: If you get the pics up, I will think about it.
I have here a KH20 06 version that is very new that I would be willing to trade.

I have an old shity cyclepro if you want to trade ask if you need pics. :wink:

I’d like details and/or pictures, and if you’re not interested in a pretty much mint condition Qu-Ax 24" MUni, I’ll make an offer.

what year is the kh 29inch?

trials or trails?

is this still available?
what year is it?

i have a trials uni that id be willing to trade.