[TRADE] Lefty CF DeathGrip handle for Righty DG

I know this is a longshot but I’ve got a left handed Scott Wallis carbon fiber Deathgrip handle and I’d rather have a right handed one instead. I’m willing to pay the difference if yours is in better condition.

If I can’t find someone to swap out for the righty handle I’ll most likely be willing to trade for other items. This handle is now a rare find as theres no telling when Scott will start production again. I’d be interested in qu-ax ISIS 125mm tubular cranks. Let me know if you are interested.

man i wish i was left handed :stuck_out_tongue:

is there any way you would just ssell it??? and how much.???

I’d consider selling it but I don’t know if I’d recommend this handle if you don’t already have a CF base.

i’m right handed and not really interested, but i was just wondering why ou say this? thanks.

i was wondering too…

it will break you seat.

too bad I’m right handed, I’d love a deathgrip for my muni.

Yeah as mornish said because of how rigid the handle is and its shape - you are much more likely to break your seat because of how much more leverage you get.

wow…i really didnt think it would make that much difference :roll_eyes: . thank for informing me!:slight_smile: