Trade: K1 white widow w/ gel seat for muni or commuter

No longer ride street and looking to trade. 19" K1 w/ white drilled rim, creepie crawler, 135mm street cranks, white 2 bolt seat clamp, mosh pedals, and gold gel seat. Looking for and decent 24" or 26" muni or a nimbus 36". Willing to pay reasonable differences in value. See pics.




where you live ill send u a basically new nimbus 29er isis

I’ve got an '05 kh muni. Without seat, post, clamp. Duro tire barely ridden (99% tread). Onza/kh hub + crank set 150mm. Kh rim. Normal ware and tear on the frame. Never been ridden hard. Everything is true.

I’d like to see some pics of both if possible.

I’m workin away from home at the moment. I’ll get photos up this weekend. If you can wait that long. I live in aus probably oddly inconvenient for you so If your interested we could work out a deal.

Yeah, I’d still like to see pics whenever possible and I will also consider any resonable cash offers.

Heres the beast…
it doesnt have pedals on in the photos because it has been in storage but it will have some on it (probably new). I painted the cranks cause they were looking a bit shabby, not damaged just rubbed and a few scratches. the right bearing case bottom has scratches because I once thought a 24inch might work for street riding (not so much). perfect working order served me very well.

hope you like what you see

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I have been working an insane amount of shifts and we don’t have internet access at the station. I am very interested in your kh muni, but concerned about shipping costs. I am going to shop around a bit and see if the shipping is something I want to do. Thanks for the offer and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience.

I’ve checked around and cannot seem to find anywhere that will ship to you for a price that justifies this trade. If anyone closer is interested, the offer still stands.

How much was the shipping. Could work something out. I’d rather not see my kh sitting in the shed and have something i might actually use. Seems a waste me having it.