TRADE: 29" for Freestyle or Muni

Hello, ive got a 29" Bedford Unicycle.

And want to trade for Splined 24" Muni or 20" Freestyle.

Tell me what you got.


possibly pictures of your 29er with some specs? I might possibly be interested.

What do you have?

Anyone else? Or if someone wanted to buy it? Offer me something resonable.


What are the specs? Crank length, rim, tire, seat, seatpost, clamp? Need to give out more info if you want to generate interest.

Nice looking machine.


KH29 rim
5" cranks but I think I would sell with 4" unless you didnt want 4".
Suzue hub
KH Fusion Saddle
Kenda Klaw XT tire 29x2.1 (good tread)
Bedford frame
united seatpost
quick release clamp



how much for the balck frame to the right in the 1st pic???

I’m guessing hes not going to sell his unicycle frame, the black one that is. I believe it as an older kh so it is like 125 or something.

its a summit frame painted black

Its not a summit frame. and im not selling the black frame.

Im not sure now i want to sell the 29", but if someone gives me an intresting offer i will consider it.