[trade] 160mm K-1 cranks for something in 140mm

Hi! I won a pair of K-1 160mm Reinforced cranks, unfortunatly I never ride long cranks and I think 150mm is long. They are brand new, never mounted on a uni, it’s real ISIS. I would like to trade for something in the 140mm range, KH moments in 137mm would be just perfect for me.

Tell me what you got!


I would also accept money offers, and offers for other kinds of parts, I’m always looking to do some new projects so offer anything you would want to trade for brand new K1 160mm reinforced cranks and I’ll think about it!

see pm

Still looking! I will never be using these cranks, I need to get rid of these.

I’ve got a virtually new set of K1 140 lights or a used set of KH 137s to trade. The big issue would be shipping across borders.