/Trade 137moments for 125's

I want some good flat street cranks as I’m losing interest in trials.

Help me out?

These cranks were used for a month or two between when I got them and my KH longneck, and when my friend borrows it for small small trials.

Some scratches, but nothing near damaging. Not even close.

I’ll post pictures up in a bit.

maybe youll be interested in these?

and im getting a trials uni so i can just order the 125 moments on them and just trade you for the 137s which i really want.

If you don’t mind trading brand new moments for "used’ish moments, I’d really appreciate it.

get some k1 street cranks colby! i like them way more than the 137 moments i had!

I’m thinking $65 as they are 2009, and still in good shape. Still up for grabs.

Well, I’d still have another pair of 137 moments.
I just think it’s dumb to have two pairs of 137 moments.

hey Colby, I would be glad to trade you my pair of 125 moments for your 137s they’re used but in perfect working order. pm me If you interested .

+1 :d

I’m not going to give it up, I just am taking a break. In a month or two, I’ll come back and love it. I’m sure.

haha alright, i get what you mean