Trade: 117/137 KH Spirits for 137/165 KH Spirits

Basically I’m looking to trade my shortest KH dual hole cranks for the longest KH dual hole cranks (137/165).

There is a slight blemish on the inside of the left arm that was there when I bought them.


Hi! I have a set I only ever used on 137mm. I could trade as I dont see myself riding 165 ever. I’ll take pictures, send me a private message if you haven’t found anything yet.

Hi Jakob - Yes, I’m very interested in a trade.
By the way I still have your 29+ frame serial number 100293014. It is my main go-to for muni.

The 165 cranks will be for my 36er muni.
Are you still in the Montreal area? I’m in Maryland, U.S. zip code 20879.

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I sent you a private message :slight_smile:

Still looking to trade my short Spirits for long ones.

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I have in France !

Thanks but I’m in the U.S. I suspect shipping costs will be too expensive.

about 30€ !

There could be some import taxes, too…

I have 125 150 spirits if your still looking to trade

Thanks but I’m looking for 137/165.

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