TR; Muni in Breckenridge, 6-28-08

The Sally Barber trail in Breckenridge is a nice easier 10 mile loop with some dirt road. pavement and singletrack. The apex of the climb is the Sally Barber mine, and is a popular ride around here. It was a hot morning and the first four miles or so is a nice climb to the mine.

Here’s the trailhead for another trail to try someday…at least they allow unicyles on it!!

I R tiger…Grrrrr

Mine junk

The singletrack was great, her’s a flat section by yet another mine;

What a great ride!

I found a bus served shuttle route that should allow several miles of downhill singletrack without much climbing…Hmmm - an after work ride this week I’m thinking.

Great pics, nice ride.

Look at that first picture a little closer…

:slight_smile: :wink:

Is the uni really on there, or is it photoshopped?

Bondo- Great ride! Lets get together soon!

Fur shure.
Next few weekends = OPEN!!

and yes…a little photoshop magic on that post…
Although I may have to actually make-up a bunch of those square signs and start posting them around!