TPU tube manufacturing and modification

Does any know how TPU tubes are made and especially how they are fused or joined for example around the valve? I ask because I have seen them fuse the hot edges of the butyl tubes into their round shape and then bake them. However, I cannot find details or videos on the manufacturing of TPU tubes. I know they are injection moulded, but nothing more.
I ask to discern if making custom-size tubes are possible especially since some sizes aren’t available. I have seen one made for the 36"ers, but they are not readily available online. Not taking into account the price and problems I would have shipping it here.
I know patch kits are available by now, but don’t expect it to hold for the patching of 2 tubes to each other. Unless you differ in opinion.
If anyone has insights it would be appreciated.

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Not directly related to your question, but have you tried sending an email to 36Polici? Luca seemed really helpful and he may arrange something to send you a pair of TPU tubes :slight_smile:

I have now had my own TPU hoses manufactured and have good business relationships with a manufacturer. I’m currently having 20x 4.0 and 24x 4.0 Fatty tubes with AV valves made. Of course I could ask if he would also make a 36" for me.


Would there be interest? Should I ask my manufacturer if this is possible? But I would have to do it now because I currently have an order open. It wouldn’t be worth it to only have a 36" made just because of the shipping costs.

But my tubes have AV valves and a 30mm valve length. I don’t know how many of you have rims with an 8.5mm bore (AV) and how many with 6.5mm (FV), as I haven’t had a 36" in my hand for a long time. If I can remember, QU-AX, QX, Kris Holm, Nimbus tubes with AV valves, correct?

Thanks for all the offers, but I am just interested in understanding for now. I don’t currently have a need, but I keep wondering in the back of my mind for certain projects, so thought I might as well ask.

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Luca is very kind and he sent a 36" kit to Montreal, Qc quick and cheap

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