Tour of Uzbekistan

Here is a video of our unicycle tour of Uzbekistan that we have just completed

Interesting video.

BTW, what spread of wheel sizes were in use for the tour?

There were fixed and geared 29ers with a few on fixed 36ers

Personally I think the geared 29er is the best for touring as its easy to transport, nimble enough when off road but can still cruise at 20K on road

That was so awesome! I hesitate to use the word “epic,” but there it is. I would love to go on one of those tours. One of these days…
Congrats to everyone who went!

Next tour will be Nepal in Spring 2015

I enjoyed that very much – thanks a lot for recording and sharing your experience!

(I also liked the authentic music, which was a big upgrade from the crappy music which usually accompanies the videos on here.)

Thank you… it took a while to find genuine Uzbek music :slight_smile:

The smallest was 26". most were on 29"ers, a few on 36", and a couple on 29" Gunis.

I like the 29" Unguni. It’s lightweight, bombproof, simple and very versatile.

Who had a 26?

were you there Alan ?

I was… but don’t recall seeing a 26er… most were on 29’s