Tour Aotearoa (New Zealand) by unicycle

Hi everyone, I’m unicycling the length of New Zealand (3000km) as part of Tour Aotearoa starting on Friday 25th Feb. You can track my progress on the Tour Aotearoa website, or follow my blog on


Best of luck in all regards GizmoDuck. An ambitious ride for sure. I see you don’t have a brake also. More calves and quads for you! Great load out and nice packed weight.

Is that a ti framed uni?

Enjoy beautiful NZ and stay safe.

Almost 700kms done in 6 days. I’m now in Arapuni, 1/3 of the way down the North Island.

Check my position on map progress. Zoom in and look for red coloured markers- these are the riders in the first start wave (25th Feb), which includes one unicyclist.


My blog of Tour Aotearoa is now up to date. 1600km ridden in 2 weeks!


@GizmoDuck Congratulations for completing the TA. It’s been fun and inspiring to follow the daily updates on your blog for the last month. From planning, the choice of unicycle and additional gear to the finish in Bluff.

I’m amazed that you did it… it still seems very unreal to me that this is even physically possible.

For me just riding the distance you did in flat terrain on your shortest days would be an achievement.

Just out of curiosity how many punctures did you have on the ride? I don’t seem to recall that you mentioned ever having a flat on the blog. Just that you changed the tire and bearings approximately half way through the ride.

Enjoy the holiday with your family!


Thanks! Probably none. There was one day where I thought the tyre was squishy and could have a slow leak. I stopped to replace the tube as I was close to a bike shop. In hindsight, I think I’d let too much air out when I was on rough gravel, rather than an actual puncture.

The Mezcal was an excellent tyre both on and off road. I probably should have run tubeless with sealant for some added puncture protection.