Total "revolutions" pedalled in a year???

During my almost daily 1.5 hour muni ride today, i got to wondering: How many total revolutions I’ve been averaging in say, each month. Figure 35 miles per week on a 24" muni. Any math wizzes out ther care to gander a guess? How many do you think YOU do each month?:smiley:

In a month…Probly at least 1000 maybe more(keep in mind, the smaller the wheel the more revs needed to travel any given didtance)

You may need to add a couple ZEROS to that number! :sunglasses: It’s gotta be waaaaaay more than 1,000 revs. I think I probably even do way more than that in a single 6 mile ride! But I may be wrong.:smiley:

On a wheel that is exactly 24" there are 841 revs per mile. On a 20", 1009. Terrybigwheel for a month you go 117740 revs.

For revs per hours from RPM (70rpm)(60min) = 4,200 revs per hour ridden. Multiply times hours per week, times weeks per year = lots of revs!

A 24" MUni might have an outside tire diameter of 580mm or so. Each pedal revolution then is 1.8 meters; each kilometer is 555 pedal revolutions. Hand-waving.

Wow! I was really close with my guess of 100,000 in a month! No wonder it’s such a great, efficient way to exercise!:smiley: So, more than 1 MILLION per year! That’ll burn some serious calories!

Not a very exact number though because there’s a lot of sliding, skidding, and “wheeling out” on dirt. But generally yeah, definitely way over a million revs a year.

These numbers really show the diff a coker makes, for each revolution a coker goes 3 more feet than a 24". 841x3=2523 ft, which is almost half a mile more with the same number of revs…Man I want a coker…

I have a coker; a nice one, but I ride almost exclusively muni now. Cokering is alright for the beach bike path, but other than that, I hardly use it anymore because when I compare it to muni, it’s just rather boring.

Well, with my uni, in one revolution, it goes about 5 feet.

Theres 5280ft in a mile, so 5280 divided by 5 equals 1056 revolutions per mile.

So if you going 35 miles in a week, on my trials uni, thats 36,960 complete revolutions.

What you should do, is take your uni, put a dab of paint on the tire, get on it, ride in a perfect straight line, or as straight as you can get it, and see how many feet your uni travels in one rev, then take your number and divide it by the number of feet in a mile, then times that by how many miles you ride.

D = Distance traveled in one rev
(D/5280)x=RevsPMxMi= total revs =p

lol or just use your rim diameter in inches x pi (3.14) to find the circumference. in this case 24x3.14 = 75.36 divided by 12 = 6.28 feet.

Yep, for my trials its 19x3.14=59.66inches

59.66\12= 4.9716ft

So my estimate when i took my uni into my hall, and pushed it a rev, then guessed how long it was, was only off by .0284 of a foot, that’s pretty good estimating!

Terry, for you, with the calculations and all, and no variables like recking or sliding or anything else, youll get 29426.751592356687898089171974522 revs!

But! your 24, is more like a 26 with the tire on it lol, so its around 27176 revs in 35 miles

Yeah but the labled wheel size is different from the actual size of the tire, a 24" slick tire is way different than a muni tire, which is closer to 26".

Hmmm…I have a 24" torker unistar dx muni comin friday, and it’s labeled 24", so does this mean it’s actually gonna be more like a 26"?

if so…sweet.

yeah, because the rim is 24 inches, the tire its self will add about 2, maybe 3 inches to that, but once your on the uni, your weight will decrease that because the tire will be squished, unless you ride at a really high psi, but that’s not recommended for muni riding.

i make in a month roughly 121080 rev just to school

and in A year id say i make 1462964.789

so this means a moutain coker is a 38"er cool

On my last long ride (to BUC), I did approximately 71000 revolutions on the Schlumpf (in high gear).


Not really. Most tire sizes are rated not by the size of the rim, but by an approximation of the outside diameter of the tire when it’s installed. A 24" rim is 520mm in diameter, which is 20.5 inches; a typical tire diameter will be around 24", but a Gazzaloddi is closer to 26".

The outside diameter of the Big Apple 29er is about 29"; a Coker tire outside diameter is about 36".

19" Maxxis trials tire is aprox. 21." high, uncompressed. A 24" Gaz is 25" high.