Toronto Unicyclists 20th Anniversary

I made this for the Trials at Toronto Unicyclists 20th Anniversary. Thanks to all the people who helped, it was alot of fun.:slight_smile:

Youtube - LQ

I will post it in my gallery later.



Looks awesome. I wish I didn’t sprain my ankle the first day or I would have been there…

Yeah its too bad you couldnt have been there sunday too…

Comments are appreciated.

Any pics of the lines?

Umm I didnt take any…but Carl Roth tooks lots…when he puts them on the web I will leave a link to it.

Did you like it though?

You’re a hell of a lot better than I was @ 13. You show potential.

Wow thanks Danni, if I am as good as you some day I will be very pleased. Thank you.

Isaac, looks awesome!. Thanks for posting this. BTW i couldn’t tell which was you.

nm i figured it out. You are pro at those skinnies man. Nicely done.

Two borken pedals? What kind were they?

(He’s the small one :sunglasses: )

You were the best in the vid IMO. Why didn’t you ride your KH?

lpounds - Thanks Levi…You should have come…

Skilewis74 - Yeah I was the small one…:stuck_out_tongue: Thank you…well I should have but I didnt put the other guys lines in which they did very well…But im happy with 3rd place:) Ohhh yeah I was riding my KH :stuck_out_tongue: I bought the 04 frame so it is black…

Thanks for the comments…Keep em coming:p

They had a plastic pedal rule because it was in a gym (although nobody told me until they decided the rule just wouldn’t work), and so I think at least three of the riders snapped their pedals (one wasn’t in the video), and then they decided maybe they should allow metal pedals.

Thanks for getting some footage of me and my frame Isaac, I really got to get out riding more, that was the first time I had ridden since November!