Toronto Unicycling Convention on Fox's You Gotta See This!

Today I was watching You Gotta See This! on Fox Sports Net hoping to see Kris Holm and to my surprise, they had about five minutes at the end reserved for the “Toronto Unicycling convention” (possibly a Unicon since You gotta see this isn’t exactly current.) Actually, I’m sure I spotted Kris in there somewhere but it was cool because it had segments on Trials, races, hockey, and even the artistic/display uni’ling stuff. Anyway, I thought it was kind of cool and if anyone knows of the convention thing it was talking about then let me know.

   Cheers, Jon Davis

I didn’t see the show, but there was a National Unicycling Convention held in Toronto last Summer. Darren Bedford ramrodded that (I think he did, anyways)

I misssed it by a few days. I’m still kicking myself :frowning:

Yup, that sounds like the one. I’m pretty sure they would have mentioned if it was a Unicon but all they said was The annual unicycling convention held in Toronto, so that must be it. It had some pretty cool footage of the trials and a big obstacle course.