Toronto Area - Spring gathering mayhaps?

I was wondering who and where everyone is in the Toronto or south Ontario area and if there was anyone interested in getting together sometime in the Spring.
I’m getting my G2 in the coming months and should be on the road by spring and able to get to Toronto or anywhere else we decide on.
Who interested?

Id be intrested maybe

I might depending on the time. but that would be nice.

Sounds like fun. What kind of gathering do you have in mind, exactly?

I was thinking perhaps a trials/street gathering, freestyle and others would be welcome too. We could meet up someplace like Nathan Phillip Square and take if from there. It’s all open for suggestion. Suggest things here and maybe we’ll try to work with them.

Ummm…I know 4 people counting myself that would maybe be intrested…You should come to the Toronto Unicyclist…

I live near toronto, i would be interested in meeting up.

I’d come and bring a friend who rides.

I would but at this moment, transportation for myself is an issue. I should be done my driver’s ed course and have a car by spring. Also, the Toronto Unicyclists website never seems to be up to date and has too many broken links. :frowning:

Tottenham, eh? Too bad I’ll be all the way over in Schomberg.

So close. Anything of interest happening in Schomberg?

I think a cow moo’d the other day. That’s about it. Also the Tim Hortons count is up to one.

Haha! You should come over to Tottenham sometime. It’s probably more interesting than watching cows and such (not by much). How long have you been unicycling?

Since Oct 2nd.

That’s the day I got a torker CX (Not to brag or anything:p )

It’s a bit rough squeezin’ practise in between school, but im currently working on getting my seat-in-front a bit smoother, and trying to turn my one-footed idle into one-footed riding.

Nice. I can ride one-footed but just learning how to idle with one. If you feel like coming into Tottenham anytime, just PM me beforehand and maybe teach each other a thing or two.

Anyway, back on topic.
Does anyone know any good places for trials?

I don’t have a unicycle right now but I’d be down. I just bid on a an N36 though. Any Toronto Cokeurs?