For all you torker owners out there. I was wondering to what extent you use your torker. DO they take a beating well? I have a LX I want to muni (light) with. Wondering to what extent I can beat on this. Please chime in!

Ask yourself this: “What would George Peck do?” (Frame grab below is from “Rough Terrain Cycling” where he displays some of the many parts he’s broken. You need to watch that if you haven’t.)

Like the commercials used to say, they’ll make more!

The LX is fairly strong but not designed for Muni. Having said that we have some kids on our team that use their LX for Muni and have never had an issue, of course they are 12 years old and weigh nothing.

Riding around town is fine on an LX, I bought one for my 28 year old son who is hard on things and he has never had a problem. If you take it off-road just be very cautious of any drops.