Torker value

Torker completely ceased business, isn’t it?
What a 20” in good shape could be worth?

Depends on the model and how much you need a uni. There are a lot worse.

The CX is the base model and very ordinary.

The LX is alright except for the saddle.

The DX is very heavy and not very common.

I paid $50 for a Qu-Ax Profi which is far better than any Torker.

They sold the brand to Diamondback/Raleigh, who continued to make the same CX/LX/DX models. So you can compare with what those are selling for.

I pretty much agree with OneTrackMind’s reviews. I learned to ride on a 24" Torker DX, and it’s heavy but bulletproof. I still use it.

Thanks everybody.