Torker Unistar TX 20'' Giraffe uni 5'

Hey im thinkin about buyin this uni and i wuz wonderin, is it a good/sturdy unicycle? and also would it be really hard to learn to ride it after a normal sun 20’’? please give me all the reviews u can. Thanks!

I think this should be put in Rec. but anyways ill answer as best as i can.

I use to ride just a regular sun 20" like yourself. I then bought me a no-name(a savage maybe?) giraffe. It took a little bit getting use to but you will adapt easy. If you can ride a normal unicycle well then you should be able to ride this one.



Thanks for ur advice!

No problem.

Re: Torker Unistar TX 20’’ Graiff uni 5’

Yes. Better than Sun, and Savage giraffes.

I have a TX, they’re reasonably sturdy, if you have something solid to mount off you will get it first try, riding giraffe is not atall hard. I love giraffing about town, see photo of me on TX by my front door.

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That is a sweeeeeet front door.

The TX is an awesome unicycle, and if you can ride with reasonable control on your sun, you’ll be able to ride it first try. Just make sure you dont jump or offroad too much, because it isn’t made to withstand that. Also be prepared to bring it into a bike shop and get the chain tightened, cause it can get loose prety easily.

The chain needs constant adjustment, you just need a 15mm spanner and a 10mm spanner, it’s very easy. If you ride backwards alot keep an eye on the sproket lock ring, it can become loose meaning you suddenly lose drive resulting in unexpected and violent UPDs.

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umm i hav a torker tx giraffe. its good and gets lots of attention. but if your not performing, dont get it, cuz it doesn’t give you many options. dont bunny hop on it if you do, cuz like any other giraffe, the frame will bend.

Im getting one to use in a street show. Im excited! :smiley:

Is it easy to take apart for transporting? I’ve got an insanely large dufflebag that I want to transport it in when I take the train into the city or when I go on vacation.


It’s not too bad once you’ve got the hang of adjusting the chain tension and wheel straightness. The frame is just over 4 feet long when the wheel and seatpost are removed.

if not this what

i have heard alot of good things about the tx but some bad things 2 …but what giraffe unicycle would be better (peferably 5ft)
i would like 2 buy a giraffe that might suvive some rough terrain (nothing serious but somthing that can ride on ground thats not flat)

much appreciated

Well, I got my TX yesterday, and finally got up the courage to push off from the fence this morning. For foward riding, it’s great! It feels like i’m flying! Idling is a different story. The sprocket has slipped several times when I was trying to idle. Im going to take it to a bike shop as soon as I can to have it tightened and loctite applied. Hopefully with that, I can use it in shows for a few months while I save up for a bolted sprocket hub (or a uni that has one).

really easy to learn, but you cant really do much on it, making it kinda boring after a while, unless you’ll perform. As others have said, dont try hopping even though there’s a handle.

My Savage is doing that. What should I do?