Torker Unistar LX 24"

Hey … I want to get my first unicycle. I need to know some reviews tonight!

please do fill me in!!!

That is a great starter uni. If you know you want to stick with the sport and do drops and trials/street like riding you may want to start off with the Torker DX which is a bit more expensive but much stronger.

Well, i think it’s going to be more muni than trials … but i mean, I’ve never done it before, so i’m not sure which style I’d like better.

in that case the torker 24’’ would be a great choice.

should I know any thing about it…

like do any parts break easily … does the seat suck … etc?

well the rim is strong, the frame is pretty good (I’ve never heard of someone breaking it) the seatpost is standard, cody’s broken one but he’s cody so it doesn’t count. The seat is pretty comfy and pretty good for muni and longish rides. The hub and crankset are decent. They aren’t the strongest things in the world but they do last a while. If you’re really worried about strength then get the torker dx 24’’

Sounds like a good one so far!

Just one more question :slight_smile:

How long is a “while” … I mean, I don’t want to have to pay lots of money to replace parts 6 months in, you know?

o wait, I lied … that’s not my last question haha

Is reliable to buy from? How long do they take to ship…

Is there any warrenty with


does it come assembled??? is VERY reliable. I bought my first unicycle from them and it took about 3 or 4 days to get here if I’m remembering correctly…I don’t know about warrenty…but look around on their site. It might mention something about it. And no…it doesn’t come completely assembled. The wheel set was though.

I had a 24" Torker LX for 3 years, before selling it to another beginner a few weeks ago. It’s a solid unicycle as long as you don’t try anything serious on it. Small drops, small hops, and light muni are really the limit, perfect for a beginner.

The downsides: The seat is uncomfortable, rideable, but uncomfortable, the pedals are cheap plastic, and the tire and frame are narrow. You can eventually improve on some of these, a nicer seat, better pedals, bigger tire, but a 3" muni tire will never fit in that frame.

Conclusion: It’s the best unicycle in that price range; if you intend to spend anymore, look at something that could later fit a 3" tire and wheelset, that way you could fully upgrade the different components as you got more involved, otherwise this isn’t a terrible basic unicycle. You’re not going to break it without a serious effort to do so.

Hey Jenneration how are you? I have to agree with BluntRM about the fact that a LX is strictly for beginner purposes. If you want to some serious trials, freestyle etc Then after you’ve learned to ride a LX You could move up 2 a DX which is definitely a must in my books. I had a LX once b4 selling it to get some extra stuff 4 my coker. :smiley: The LX for me didn’t seem to have cheap plastics on mine. As for the tire and frame, yes they were narrow which i found weird for some reason. So yeah a LX is perfect for learning and when you have learned to ride it. Then the world is your unicycle. :smiley: :smiley:

Take care and i hoped this helped you in some way my friend.

If you are in Canada I strongly recommend you don’t buy from With shipping and the border fees you will have to pay it will end up costing as much as getting something better from Bedford or on ebay.

Also I would recomend getting a 20" instead of a 24", they are more well suited for freestyle tricks and its closer to a trials if you decide thats what you want to do. Unless you are really really tall I would recommend you stick with the smaller wheel.

How much are you looking at spending? With shipping to Ottawa plus border fees it will be at least 200 dollars. (14% taxes plus another 20-30 dollars minimum in hidden fees, 116 CAD for the unicycle itself plus 40 USD for shipping).

The Bedford freestyle is 225 or you could get the bedford light duty trials for 200 tax included.

I also just checked out ebay and you are looking to be spending about the same on ebay as from UDC.

Another option is to call a few bike shops and see if they can order a unicycle. Most have suppliers that can get them but when I got mine from a bike shop it was one with a round crown so it wasn’t that great for street and it came out to fifty bucks less than the bedford light duty with tax.

what’s the largest tire that’ll fit on a Torker 24" LX?

LX24 was my first unicycle. I never changed the tire. Your 24" tire choices are pretty limited to begin with. I don’t know the width of the Torker rim off the top of my head. I big tire might push up against the inside of the frame, might not clear the underside of the crown, and might cause unexpected results, such as folding, in the narrower rim. I suggest you make some measurements of your uni, then search the forums for 24" inch tire reviews.

I recently bought the Schwalbe “Smart Sam” for a new, lightweight 24" unicycle I put together. It’s 2.1" wide, very light, wears well. I did some muni/XC on it. Fun riding, but I got a few flats, probably from thorns (we have a lot in SoCal) in a short period of time. And I have to keep the pressure pretty high, because there is no sidewall support.

If you’re thinking of some macho tire for your Torker, because you want to do more intense riding, I’m not sure what the Torker can handle. I weigh more than 200 lbs, and would probably damage the LX if I went muni-ing on it.