Torker Unistar DX 20-inch vs. Nimbus 20-inch Trials SE

What do you think is a better deal and would last longer? The Torker Unistar DX 20-inch or Nimbus 20-inch Trials SE?

I say dx out of those 2. However I extremely recommend this uni over both it is cheap and words better your basically getting a kh hub. The cranks meh, but you can get moments or maybe koxx later I am not sure. Seriously that one is not even splined. The one I linked will be good for just about everything and is a tiny bit lighter than the dx so yay. If you want a good strong uni get what I posted damn that is a steal! The se trials would break with hard usage since it does not have a splind set up.

  1. Flip a coin and call it. :smiley:
  2. I think the DX would be value for money although the nimbus is pretty much the generic version of it in someways. :thinking:

Go with option 1. :smiley: :smiley:

When did they put a 16 inch trials on UDC?

its a 20"

Nope they just got it on this week from what I know it has been on municycle for a while longer. The isis freestyle looks awesome.

The one I posted is cheaper and worlds better it really is. The dx has massive clearance making some things hard and the other nimbus se dosn’t use a strong hub/cranks. Hell the isis is better than other and with the saved money you could get some decent pedals. Basically you can get kind of expensive ok uni’s or a very good one with even new pedals for about as much. You pick. If your oging to do the flip tricks and unispins and not so much trials these are a good choice for medal pedals a bunch of people loves these if you want plastic these are the way to go

I agree with wickedbob here get the one with the isis hub it’s easily the best choice the others are ok but if you get the isis hub you will get the best for your money.

I’d say the DX

nope the isis nimbus is the way to go. You can take any crank you want on the market, and its a more standart uni, has a low profile seat and the frame is known to be superstrong (the DX has a bad reputation.)

Not any crank, just any ISIS.

The koxx cranks wont fit…but you could get quax ISIS cranks or KH Moments.

And onza.

the onza what? are you saying they wont fit…they will or are you saying that he could get those as well.

I’m saying he could get onza cranks as well.

ohh ok…yes those look nice can you get them from MDC?

nope…i just checked. Where are you suppsed to buy them?