Torker Unistar AX 24

I’m selling my Torker Unistar AX 24 inch unicycle. The Unistar AX is a mid-level unicycle with a light aluminum fork and a 24 inch wheel. It is similar to the Unistar LX, but with a better frame. It’s a step or two up from the CX and Sun unicycles in the bike stores. The Torker LX is a good choice for learning to ride and for easy rides on the local bike trail.

This unicyle has a 24 inch wheel, an LX (Miyatia style) seat, and 150mm cranks. I learned to ride on it last spring, and it has been ridden fewer than 40 hours. It’s in good condition except for a few scratches from the unicycle stand (included) where it sat for three years before I got around to learning to ride, and the normal scuffs on the seat bumpers (replaceable) and pedals and the left crank bolt cap (unnecessary, I may have a spare somewhere) is missing.

(pictures link to larger versions)

Asking $160

I’d prefer pickup/drop-off within a couple hours of Fort Wayne, Indiana; but I’ll ship it in the original box if necessary.

I’m selling the AX because I bought a used Nimbus 26 muni last July, and I rarely ride on pavement now.

Price drop: $150

I’ll open it up to shipping in the lower 48. It should be $20 to ship anywhere.

Price drop: $140

That’s less than a Torker LX 24 from UDC, and this has a better frame. It’s even less than a new Schwinn 24!


what would shipping be to fort wayne indiana 46845

I live in Fort Wayne, so there wouldn’t be any shipping if you want to meet me somewhere in town.


well lemme see what my paycheck is this week and ill get back to you

Sounds good, email/pm me if you are interested.

I’m now asking $130.

Do yo still have it? I’m interested.


Yup. I still have it.

PM Sent…

:sunglasses: Responded and PM sent.

Sold the AX 24. The Torker Unistar DX 24 is still for sale.