Torker tire size?

Hi, well heres the thing, lately ive been thinking of buying a torker unistar dx but i am wondering how big of a tyre will fit in the frame. i know i can buy an onza sticky fingers tyre that is 20x 2.4 and it does fit on a normal 20" rim so thats no problem but i was wondering wether or not it will fit in the torker frame.

any help is much apreciated.

i dont think it will, the 20x2.125 tyure on it is pretty close to the crown.

on the 05 it should.

thats what is have it its too close.

i gest messured my DX 05 It will fit, it has 3 inchs of clearence.

hey thankz for that redhead atleast someone will get off their ass to help a felow unicyclist. anyway how much clearance does the torker betwene the k rad tyre and the the top of the crown?

also seeing you have a torker what do you use it for and what is it capable of like i was looking at doing sy 4 foot drops at the most extreme end of the scale so do u think it will hold up (i roll out of drops) ?

also i read your sponsorship thread and aboutthe unispins well the way i learnt was i just started hopping seat out and put my hands on the saddle (left on front right on the right side of the back) if you hop (seat in) with your right hand on the front put your left on the back left and then just hop take ur feet off the pedals and get em out of the wat of the wheel and turn the uni around 180 degrees and land back on it will take some doing but you will eventually land it good luck!

an inch and a 1/4 from the top of the tyre to the bottom of the top crown, Yes unicaw has done 6 foot drops me iv done 4 foots and landed like a spire in the ground( grass)
I ride street and i try to do trials, I will be bying the stick fingers tomorow with any luck.

I have both a 20 and a 24 Torker DX with 20 x 3 Kenda Flame and a 24 x 3 Gazz on them. A three inch tire fits fine with about a quarter inch at the top and about an eighth inch on the sides in both frames.

I did not change out the rims, but I definitely need to on the 20 inch. When they LBS looked it up in the book, it said it was a Pyramid Flame, but the tire says Kenda Flame. On this too narrow rim, it doesn’t have the flat shape it should have, but it works for my nonaggressive riding. I’m looking at the 20 inch Sun BFR rim.

Anybody have any thoughts on this rim? I think this is the same rim that comes with the UDC BC wheel.

If I upgrade the 24 rim, I will probably go with the Alex DX 32.

what the F? maybe without a tyre it has 3 inches!

does this look like 3 inches of clearance to you?

I think not.


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yes it has 3 inches of clearence from inside of fork to other inside of fork. so yes i guess with out a tire but that meant the 2.4 will fit gosh

yeah, its wide enough but not HIGH enough.

how high is it???

It’s high enough, too. There were at least two threads on this when the 05s came out.

On the 24", a 3 will (barely) fit.

He knows about the 24X3".

Aparently he doesnt about the 20". The 2005 20" frame has lots of clearence.

caw89 put a 19" rim and 2.5" luna tire on a dx frame, he said it fit but occasionally rubbed on top. He has since gotten a yuni frame now, I beleive.

But, a 2.5 trials will fit okay, a 2.4 should fit easy.

yeah i made one of those threads…

if a 19x2.5 trails wheel fits a 2005 20"dx then i must have an 04 dx so what-ever

my 24 was an 05 for sure since i got a Gazz in there no prob.

jagur i want to kill you because of you i didnt order the tyre today

forrest was right, i had to buy a yuni frame for hte 20in model cause the width was fine but the top of it hit, which really suked! but i like hte yuni frame more anyways, its better for coasting and gliding and is lighter, only downside is i hit my knees on it and that HURTS! So te Torker frame is plenty wide enough, but not high enough, the 24 can I think hold a 3in, im not sure…

read this:


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