torker lx vs cx 20 vs 24 in

hi im looking to buy my first unicycle. im 130 - 135 lbs and 5’9" - 5’10".

i was looking around on amazon, and some other sites and i saw a few unis that interested me.
first, there are some unis on amazon for around $50. (

are these any good?

they seemed cheap so i looked at torker.

i saw a 20in cx for $80, a 24in cx for $100, a 20in lx for $120 and a 24in lx for $150.

which one is better and is it worth the extra $50 to go from cx to lx?

Those amazon unicycles are I guess alright if you only plan to ride it. But if you have the money the torker cx is better, though the seats uncomfy( I had a cx and switched the seat) and the lx is definately better then all the other ones.

I have the Torker LX 24 inch and I think it is a great starter unicycle.

The tire allows me to ride on some packed dirt roads without a problem, the 24 inch size lets me cover a little distance, and the seat is larger and well padded.

I tried my daughter’s CX 20 inch and I didn’t like it at all. It felt like a unicycle built for children. It didn’t feel that sturdy, but I am a large person.

I have since upgraded to a nimbus 29 inch. It you want to ride distances I would go with an LX 24. A 20 inch is too slow.

I also have a LX 24 which I really like. I ended up going to shorter cranks (Torker’s 5" instead of the stock 6"). I also use this wheel on trails. I started with the cx 20" which worked fine to get started at 56 yo, 5’7", 160lbs. I hardly ever use the 20 now.

The LX will last you a lot longer than the rest, it’s a great middle quality uni for the price. Whether you get a 20" or 24" depends on whether you plan to ride on trails, etc. Having said that, it won’t handle large drops or any other serious abuse.

+1 on the LX. I can just barely fit a 2.5" knobby in my 26.

The stock cranks aren’t very strong. I bent mine from dropping it in a UPD. It’s not too bad, I usually don’t notice it while riding.

I hate the seat for the lx though, the seat is very uncomfortable

+1 LX. I feel there is a big difference between the CX and LX. I rode a CX today and the seat seemed really odd. Almost like a bike seat. Not really good for learning, need more support.

Go for the 24 inch LX. They are great unicycles for starter-intermediate riders. The seat is extremely uncomforatable, but there is a thread on this website that shows you how to convert it to an airseat. I did the conversion on my LX and it is a very confortable and inexpensive to do. :wink: