Torker LX Pro on sale at Bicycle Warehouse

On clearance for $79.99

Item description lists “size: Tall” although the picture shows a regular frame. I can confirm frame size when mine arrives if anyone is interested. I got an extra $10 off with a promo code they gave me last year when I bought some pedals. The code is 7286, seems to still be good but I don’t know for how many uses.

Ground shipping in the US looks to be about $33. They have free shipping at $100 so you could just pad the order with $20-$30 of “free” stuff in lieu of shipping. Might not be as compelling with the shipping as it was for me (with free local pick-up) but I thought I’d pass it along anyway.


I checked it out online and entered the code you gave and did local pick-up. I did not finalize purchase yet but it came in at $75.41 out the door!

I’m not sure I want to buy because of quality concerns I saw posted on line. What do you think? I would buy it for my 18 year old daughter who is starting to learn on my 24" schwinn classic. I don’t know about getting a 20". It sounds too small because she won’t be using it for tricks, just getting back and forth to school at UCSB. What do you think? Sure is good price!

BTW, my main ride is a 29er and 36er so we would have hard time going at the same pace.

I just ordered mine, don’t actually have it yet. That is the same price I got for local pick-up.

I plan to look it over when I get it for manufacturing defects. I think it’s a great deal for a learner or freestyle on a budget. I don’t think i’d get it even for a light commuter though.

I am still new to unicycling and building up my distance riding chops on the CX 24" (craigslist special) that I learned on. I plan on upgrading to a 29er and one possibility I am looking at, at this point, is scavenging the LX pro hub and cranks to build up a cheap light 29 wheel with a 32h rhyno lite rim. The seat is going on my CX right away. The CX saddle is hell on one wheel.

I agree with mad - I ride a 24" and a 29er commuting, and I find the 24 to be too slow. I’d go nuts on a 20.

But I almost bought one of those for my 7-year-old boy, who wants to learn. He’s a couple inches too short for a 20 though. And he still has to finish figuring out how to ride the skateboard I just helped him assemble…

Awesome price for the pro model. I don’t need another 20-inch, though. FWIW, I found the quality of my son’s 16-inch Torker CX to be quite good.

Can never have to many unicycles!