Torker LX 24" vs. Sun Flat Top Extreme DX 24"

Hello All,

           I used to ride years ago and want to start up again. The probelm is which cycle to purchase. It seems that trying to put together comparative information is like pulling hens teeth.

I like the higher count of spokes on the torker but don’t know if the wheel itself is as strong as the sun. The seat on the Sun looks like it may be better quality along with the tire and pedals.

Anyway I am trying to compare apples to apples and I just don’t know about the different components used on each. I will mainly be cruising around but I will be trying to jump off small things and such. Also might possibly crash a time or two !!

Anyone with knowledge of both pertaining to component and overall quality I would certainly appreciate some input.


here is my biased review of the torker lx =]

i got my torker (i believe 08 model) used off craigslist.
it is very strong and the seat is comfortable enough. a downside about the seat was that its a bit harder than the freestyle seats to pull the seat out because the rear end of the seat is a bit bulkier (but its still doable).

anyways regarding strength and construction, i got the torker lx used.
and with me, it took a beating everyday for about 2 hours for 3 months straight. At the end, I was rolling off 3 stairs or jumping off one or jumping up one.

i wouldnt reccomend it beyond that.

the seat was also very strong/durable as was the frame and wheel and cranks.

i would highly reccomend it to a beginner or an intermediate who wants to ride for fun.


I own both. The Torker had a comfortable seat, I couldn’t get rid of the sun seat fast enough. The Torker 24" gave me many miles of rides. The Torker was solid. The Sun 24" flat top was solid too. The tire seemed just a little biger than that of the Torker. Both were good solid rides. About the time that I got the Sun I also got a 29"er. Now I ride the 29"er almost exclusively.

I have the torker 20 LX, and the seat is funky feeling, but it’s my only uni so I don’t quite know the difference. I learned how to pull seat out on it, but yes the back seems a bit wide.

I can’t comment too much on the rest since I have a smaller wheel, but I will say that it has served its purpose well, and that is to get me into unicycling, and allow me to try beginner level of anything I want really.

The pedals are crap though, no grip at all, plastic, just poopy. Which is easily changed for better pedals.

And it has taken a LOT of falls and unplanned dismounts, and is still working just the way it did when I got it. The bumpers seem very solid and the handle feels fine to me and all.

I think most people will reccomend something along the line of the LX, or say the LX with a diff seat.

oops i must add that my pedals were upgraded the nice metal animal pedals when i got it used so i cant say much for the stock pedals.

Unless they have changed the pedals since mine they are just cheapo plastics, with such little grip that if you ride it for more than a few days it wears off.

Thanks to all for the input.

I ordered the Torker LX. The plastic pedals is where I thought the Sun may have had the Torker beat, but they are probably still tougher than me. I suspect I’ll be finding out in the near future.