torker lx 2009

well after seeing several vids and info online about unicycling i had to get one…

I just got the torker lx 2009 26" to learn on. I remember searching and some people had asked about the newer frame and if it has the reinforced collar shown on the red one.

I just wanted to confirm that my model did come with the reinforcement. I would like to use this to commute and am quite new to this community i was wondering if anybody could offer some insight to better cranks (as i remember reading the torker ones strip out) for commuting that would be compatible with the torker?



First welcome to the forums tom :). I’m pretty sure any cotterless cranks should do the trick, although I’d wait for confirmation on this, UDC is a good place to get them.
However, if you are just commuting, the lx cranks shouldn’t be a problem. Most times they fail after doing some drops or jumps on them. I don’t think you’ll find a problem however, just make sure your pedals are on tight.

Welcome to the forums.

I would not worry about the cranks unless you want to try different lengths. I am not sure what size comes on the 26" LX but 125s and 114s are great sizes for a 26" commuter.

I really like the Qu-Ax cranks. They are cheap. light and high quality. If you want stronger you could go ProWheel or Nimbus Venture. But then you risk breaking your hub instead of your cranks when you decide to do something stupid like ride off that 5’ wall.

I learned on a 26" Sun and mine came with 152mm cranks. It was a good way to learn, but I have since switched to 125mm Qu-Ax cranks (good cranks) and I like them a lot better. I will try 114mm cranks sometime soon for a little more speed and I have 102mm cranks that I don’t think I will ever use…who knows.

The longer cranks are better for learning and control and then as you get comfortable moving to shorter cranks will make for a speedier ride.

Thanks for the feedback and info. I think I went a lil too overboard the first 2 days since i got my uni, I did manage to partially strip one crank. It unwound and striped out the first 4 threads or so. Since I’m going to order better cranks and pedals soon I’m debating on epoxying those suckers in there for the time being. I think I under tightened them in fear of over tightening them. I’ve spent about 10 hrs on it.

I managed to get about probably over 50 - 60 feet before I get an ok what next feeling and stop as i don’t know how to turn or properly dismount. All i can say is its quite fun, but nothing like a bike. :roll_eyes: