Torker LX 20" and Quax ISIS cranks

Hey guys, up for sale is a black Torker LX 20" unicycle. It was purchased about 1.5 months ago and I’m only selling it because I got a new Nimbus. The unicycle is in excellent, near-perfect condition the only damage being some scuffing on the bumpers. I’m looking for $80 + shipping (~$30) but feel free to make offers. I’d be willing to lower the price for local pick up in Pouggkeepsie, NY.

I’m also selling two pair of Quax ISIS cranks, 125mm and 145 mm, for $15 each + shipping (~$5). These are also in excellent condition. The 125mm are shown in the bottom of the pic.


125s are sold, 145s still available

Bump for lowering price to $70 + shipping and local pickup would now be in Ardsley, NY (Westchester)

I know this is an old post, but any chance you’ve still got this for sale? In the White Plains area, thinking of trying out Muni…

Nope, it sold. This isn’t great for muni anyway since it has a square taper hub and cranks.

Ok, thanks! (lot to learn, more reading to do…)