torker dx

okay, i already did a search and found nothing good so please help me, does anybody know how good a torker dx is for muni and how much abuse it can take?
i was also wondering what kinda pads most people wear when they muni and where you can get them.
thanks to anyone who responds

i have a torker dx 24". I think it is a great uni. Make sure you get the 2005 model. has them for $170 but they take 2 months to ship. If you get a dx you should buy a gazz or a kenda kollosal(thats what i have). The dx is a good muni.

As for padding get SixSixOne’s

I am really happy with my DX, I have given it quite a bit of abuse and it is still doing great, I wrote a full review of it in the reviews section. but I think it is the best your going to find unless your going to spend quite a bit more money. definitely upgrade the tire for muni. I also have a kollossal on it, got it for 5 bucks, if Kenda still has any try and get one of those. If you do lots of muni you might look at gloves, last week I crashed and peeled the skin off my thumb. not sure what kind would be good though.

I have a dx in both sizes, they rule, they take the 6 foot drops easy. pads yeah, should go with some 661s…

so all you wear are 661’s? but are those the ones with the knee pads too?
what if i just took soccer shin guards and put some padding on the back then wore reguler knee pads?

what about a kenda k-rad tire?

shingaurds seem to work sort of. sixsixones are high quality, tohugh, and are really durable. if you want to sew padding on the back of shingaurds, go ahead, but I don’t know how well it would work.

Also, I like wrist gaurds, especially my harbinger wrist wraps. they’re nice. Kris Holm makes wrist gaurds too, and people seem to think that they’re really nice.

oh yeah, a helmet, too. those are always nice.

I wear the cheap knee/elbow pads for $15 at walmart, and the ankle braces for $11.88 each at walmart. Every time I break/lose my wrist guards, the shop has discontinued them, so I just cycle (no pun intended) through whatever brand they’re carrying at the time. (Currently Pro-Tec, but I liked the Savage gloves better, since they covered a little bit of my fingers, just enough to offer protection against getting sore from the handle on my saddle when hopping a lot.)

Even though they can save yuo so many times, i really never use them…i never wear a helmet and I havnt used shin gaurds for a very long time, even doin 360 unispins on platform pedals, I just wear baggy pants now…tehy help hte pedal slips but not from impacts…

That’s what I do… it’s waaaaaaaaaaaay too hot down here in texas to be wearing bulky pads, and I just hate the way they feel and how sweaty and gross they get. So I just wear long pants now; my pedal pins still scratch me occasionally but it’s not a huge deal.

Apearently you didnt search good enough, or the right way, there has been tons of threads on the DX, MILLIONS in fact.

The DX is great for muni, I would suggest getting a widder DHish tire somtime, but the K-rad works great, worked for me for a year(before that I used a schwinn 1 3/4" wide tire, THAT sucked)

Love my DX24. e-bay; $150 new. I wear a helmet and wrist guards. Should wear shin guards too but I don’t. Sometimes I loose a little blood.