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Now I have been riding for less than a year. I have been riding a Torker CX 20" that I bought at a garage sale for $30. That Uni has got me everywhere I need to go. I ride it to work, the beach, and all around town. My use of it has been almost strictly utilitarian. I am very good at going off curbs of all heights(that I have come across), dodging traffic(both people and cars), and I can Idle just long enough to wait for traffic to pass. For christmas I asked for and got a Torker DX 24". I wanted to take my uni into the forest. Did I in ask for the right Muni? Will I be able to use it for manuvering around town on it like I do the CX? And What is this freestyle y’all are talking about?

Hell yes, that baby will work. The tire isn’t the greatest but you can replace that.

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A Torker DX 24" should be great for around town. It should work well for off-road. My limited knowledge of freestyle tells me it is done with a uni that is lightweight, has short cranks, a 20" tire and generally done indoors on a smooth floor. I don’t think you can go wrong with a Torker DX for what you are doing.

A while back i shopped around and came to the same conclusion…the Torker DX is the only sub $200 uni with splined cranks, and with some luck (I didn’t know until after ordering) I ended up with the 2005 model that has room for a 3" tire.

The combination of a flat crown frame, great seat, and the 3" tire makes for a great offroad/downhill machine. The only trouble I’ve had so far was bearing problems in one of my wellgo pedals, which I replaced.

The flat crown inspired me to learn one foot riding, which was a great challenge and very fulfilling skill to learn and then relearn with my left foot.

The setup, especially with the 3" tire, makes for a reasonably heavy uni, but I gain much more joy from good offroad/downhil lines than I do from hopping up onto things. I’ve done some modest 3’ drops on it so far with no problem, the cranks and hub feel rock solid. But as mentioned the pedals went out after a few weeks of frequent riding. And I’ve never ridden a more expensive splined hub 24" uni to know how heavy the DX really is in comparison

Realize that the Gazz 3" tire will not fit the rim, but the other 3" tires that do not require the double wide rim work perfect. I bought the 23 dollar tire from UDC and love it.

Let us know how you grow to appreciate you’re new wheel.


can any one tell by looking if this torker dx on ebay is a 04 or 05 model

torker dx

Ya, I purchased the DX 24 from this same seller on ebay a bit ago, shortly after ordering I realized the difference between the models and tried to contact to request further information. The only clue on the description is the “Frame - (NEW)” other than that, no reply and no knowledge of what I’d bought until it arrived and WAS in fact the 2005 model. I of course was relieved. There is another seller of Torker uni’s on ebay also, listing for comparable prices. I believe the other seller is based in UT, closer to those of us in the western states. The seller on the auction you found (and I purchased from) is further east, so took longer to ship. They both sell the 2005, one lists it as a 2005, the other seller i purchased from. Its a great cycle, and you cant beat riding a splined uni with a 3" (secondary purchase) tire for the price. I’ve been really happy with mine. Good luck.


i guess i get to wait again since it got bought

pretty sure thats the 04 model, since i hade the 05 i can tell by how little clearance is over the stock tyre.

the 05 has about an inch more.

I did the same questioning regarding the picture on the ad. The picture is standardized, and although it IS a picture of the 2004 model, my DX from this seller was the '05. Again, you might want to try and contact the seller to be sure, but don’t necessarily expect a reply.

Your other option is to purchase from the other Ebay seller (“I sell low” something). The prices are VERY close, with variations being offset by shipping costs etc. This seller actually lists the DX as the '05 model, so you can be sure before buying that its what you want. Plus, they are are quick to respond to inquiries, and helpful. Since my own purchase, I ordered an LX 24 for a friend from this seller and was truly impressed with the communication and haste with which it was shipped etc.

Good luck…


I got my giraffe from this guy via eBay. He shipping was AMAZINGLY fast!

yeh i bought my current cx from him but the shipping cost was very high so…well im poor

I got this one today by luck…

Torker DX

I just kept looking every morning … :smiley:

I talked to sales guy over phone, but would not ‘verify’ a 2005 model.
But, word from previous buyers , it is a 2005.

A week for delivery …I tell you if it is 2005 then :slight_smile: