Torker DX with Hoffman pedals and 661 4x4s - $200

I’m trying to sell my Torker DX and figured I’d give you guys the first chance to buy it before I try eBay. I’m asking $200ish for it.
It’s an '07 model as you can see by the seat tube reenforcement. The powdercoating is chipped away some on the frame and under the cranks (I ride right foot forward). I put a quick-release seat collar on it, but I have the original red 2 bolt collar if you prefer. The seatpost is 10 inches long.
I never did anything very extreme with it so the cranks and pedal spindles are not bent.
I put Hofffman Solemate pedals on it which are also in great condition.
There is a Kommando polycarbonate grindplate on one of the pedals which I will include with the uni.
Seat handles and bumpers are in great shape as is the seatcover. I trimmed the seat foam down as you can see in the pictures. The stiffener plate and the seatbase are not cracked.
The tire is nearing the end of its life and is roughly 80-85 percent worn in most places. I did rotate it every once in a while so the wear is fairly even.
I will also throw in my 661 4x4 shinguards which are still in good shape. They don’t have any big tears and I think that they are the XL size.
If you are interested, email me at
Pics at this link

The price is negotiable;) so make me an offer.
I have been out of the unicycle loop for a while, so I may have been asking too much at $200.

C’mon, somebody make me an offer. I need to sell it…

I’d buy for $100.

maybe 150

selling it


i live in canada, and i dont know how much it costs to send, what is your postal code…mine is v8t 2p7 and I would be willing to pay 150 ish, plus shipping maybe …let me know what you think


Sold to yours truely.

yup, it’s gone.

Close the thread then.