torker dx vs. Qu-Ax

What in every1’s opinion is better? The Torker DX 20" or a Qu-Ax 20". What 1 is better for hopping up n down stairs jumps ect. wat 1 is smoother lighter ect. im wonderin cuz i bought a 20 sun uni and i wish i nvr did cuz now i learned how to do better things within a week and now im wishin i bought a better 1 first, so thanks:D :wink: :smiley: :thinking:

my qu-ax 24" is awesome, no complaints. I assume the 20" is equally amazing.

Strength wise, the 07 DX and the Qu-AX are pretty equal.

If you get the 2006 DX, the frame will break after about 5 months of riding, but is still jsut as good, cause frames only cost about 50 dollars.

Anyways, you wont need to worry about breaking the frame, but I guess the main deciding factor on the unis would be the weight.

THe weight on the DX is pretty heavy, around 14. something pouns. I think its the heaviest trials uni in production, unless you count the SUmmit unis, but those arent made any more. Even the the DX is a tank, it will only make you a stronger rider and really wont effect how high or far you can jump.

If you want to save on weight though, go for the Qu-Ax, besides, its yellow/black color scheme is pretty cool looking.

Then again, the Torker DX can be baught at a really cheap price on ebay.

I have the 24" Dx I’ve never ridden the Qu ax but i can tell you that the dx is a little beefy. Mine all built up was something like 16-17 pounds. It’s definately made me a stronger rider because when i went back to my freestyle torker lx 20’’ i could hop 5-6 inches higher than i could normally.

i have the qu-ax 20"…its also a tad heavy i think like 14lbs…but its very sturdy and is much sexier than the dx i think haha

I have a Torker DX with the new frame and I love it and yes it does weigh 15 punds! :roll_eyes:

the qu-ax weighs 14.1 pounds

20 inch DX is more about 14.7 pounds. =p

Save a few ounces.

By the way, try this. seems like there have been many threads about this before… Oh well.:stuck_out_tongue: